About Us

Our website is run by Matthew and his mom, Alexandra. Our vision is to teach young children the love of cooking, show kids how to eat healthy and help parents encourage better eating all while having fun. We won’t deny that we love desserts and snacks too but its all in moderation.

Matthew is a 5 year old boy. He happens to be on the spectrum which makes him extra special. We have had our own struggles with picky eating but by having him in the kitchen helping , talking about what is healthy versus not healthy and encouraging to try new foods, we have made incredible progress.

Alexandra is a 27 year old, single mom. She grew up cooking with both her parents. Some of her fondest memories were helping in the kitchen. Alexandra is a freelance writer and photographer. When she’s not busy working, or doing PTA work, she’s coming up with new recipe ideas or on pinterest looking for things Matthew would enjoy.